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QR code tattoo generates random links

QR code tattoo generates random links

This tattoo is way better than a dolphin riding a unicorn jumping over a rainbow.

(Credit: Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET)

Deciding on a tattoo pretty much means you’re stuck with an image for life. To combat staleness, Fred Bosch chose a tattoo that will never look the same twice.

Bosch had a QR code inked onto the inside of his forearm. Scanning it is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.

The code may pop up with a GIF of a couple of headbangers swinging their hair around, or a recent tweet, a phrase, a video, or a weather report. Bosch calls it the first-ever random tattoo.

If he wants to get meta with it, Bosch could have his QR code tattoo link to images of other tattoos. I would suggest some of our Crave readers’ geeky tats or T-Pain’s Facebook ink.

Surprise, surprise, this isn’t the first QR code tattoo we’ve heard about. A marketing stunt for Ballantine whiskey got there first.

Bosch may have some stiff competition for nerdy tattoos, but the ever-changing nature of his QR code links means he (and his tattoo viewers) will never get bored. Let’s just hope it never gets saggy.

QR code tattoo YouTube video - http://youtu.be/It0MNFL6SDI

(Source: goo.gl)

One of Us: Jesse Eastburn

The artists, entrepreneurs and digital gunslingers of our creative culture. 

“Um… well… yeah, I think I’m going to…” and with that unassuming intro, one never knows what will come next with the ever-entrepreneurial Jesse Eastburn. But whatever it is, you can be assured it will soon manifest. I am constantly amazed by this guy’s stories of life, from tattoo apprenticeships in the Middle East while serving in the US Navy to guerilla painting buildings with renowned graffiti artist Banksy to cofounding “The Pitbull Art Show,” a Denver based drive to legalize Pitbull ownership within the city and county of Denver. Today alone, he staved off two dog owners from tearing each other apart, saved a cat from a tree, booked another art show for the weekend, stretched a canvas, tattooed a midget and took his wife to dinner! He is Everyman’s hero. If the man has not done it, I would wager he will find a way to make it happen! He is a one man show, no matter which way you slice it!  In 2009, Jesse and Peter Lewis met at an art gallery. The two talked shop, mainly the determined effort of both to not be “starving artists.” A dynamic duo was formed, kicking ass and taking names on the Denver scene ever since. In their wake, they have painted the town fresh with art shows, movie length cartoons, late night graffiti jams, Heritage Square caricatures booths and other events which help redefine Denver’s art scene. As a dynamic duo, these two might argue as to who wears the tights, but there is no question of the impact they have in our community. It is not a small thing to say that Denver is going through a renaissance. This change is an inevitable evolution with the trajectory of the arts in Colorado, especially Denver and its art walks. So, this being said, I’ll put my two cents down now that Jesse and Lewis will be some of the people to watch as we move forward in making our mark on the art tourism marketplace. Without further ado, I’m honored to introduce the guy behind the Pitbulls and spray cans, Mr. Jesse Eastburn:


I started art like most children with good old Crayola. In middle school I started tagging anything I could find with a sharpie. In high school I picked up my first can of spray paint.  This would later become an obsession. I painted all over the metro area until I found the art of tattooing.  I did my tattoo apprenticeship while I was in the navy.  I would later end up with two jobs, the navy as a cop and a tattooist.  My Passion is Pitbulls.  Being a heavily tattooed male I know how it is to be judged on appearances and stereotypes.  That’s why I created the Name BullyOne and founded the Pitbull Art Show.  A dedication to the education of the masses through art of the loyal, loving, misunderstood and man’s best friend, the Pitbull.

Nickname: Easterbunny, Bunny, Rabbit, Rabbit 187,  BullyOne.  I drive to become better, there isn’t a free moment wasted.  My preferred vice is money and the occasional Strip club.  I’d most like to live in a cave in the middle of the mountains.  Diet:  Mexican food and junk along with an assortment of high caffeine energy drinks. I’m a comic book fan boy so I don’t feel like typing on ‘heros’ forever.  My real-life heros are my parents.  Work is Tattooing, Gallery Art, Street Art, Advertising, etc. ect. It never ends.  I connect online most on Facebook.  My favorite person to follow on Twitter is @brandonbond

The question I get asked the most is:  “How much for a butterfly on my ankle?”

I’m PTSD like a MF’er.  The internet needs to implode on itself and shut down.  No one meets in person anymore, and everyone is stuck on-line all the time.  My greatest fear is being broke and homeless.  The best place to vacation is Cuba. If I could do anything I’d go to my cave in the mountains or a deserted island away from all the negative crap that is in this world. Pets:  Layla my Pitbull, Smudge and Pebbles my cats.

I wish I was ambidextrous. My greatest achievement is winning 1st place overall @ 619Inkfest.  If I could switch places with one person for a day, it’d be my dog.  Such an easy life. I get inspired by Life!  My favorite spot in the world is in San Diego, this cliff on the base i used to work at was the most secluded peaceful place, I used to sketch and relax there all the time.  My daughter is the love of my life.  My favorite podcast Marijuana Radio.  My parents are awesome.

As artists it is our duty to make works around current social and political events. If you are unaware, there is a breed ban on the infamous Pitbull.  It is based around fear and ignorance. As a dog owner of this controversial breed, we made it our duty to speak for our dogs. To speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. So we educate and advocate for the breed without getting into your face. We want to get into your heart and minds through our pretty pictures.

Connect with me here:

Twitter: @Jmfeastburn , @pitbullartshow


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